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El Skippito; Photo by Helmi

El Skippito; Photo by Helmi

LegendTales is proud to announce having the top Pixie-Bobs in the world this year! RW SGC LegendTales El Skippito is the #1 Pixie-Bob Longhair in the world and RW SGC LegendTales Jezebel is the #1 Pixie-Bob Shorthair in the world! To the best of our knowledge no cattery has ever had this honor. It is very hard to compete two cats and kittens against each other and still come out with both being in the top spot.

To add to it, their dad QGC LegendTales Fluffernutter was the #3 Pixie-Bob in the world! This was a wonderful and busy year for us and we think we will try to cut back a bit in this next season. It will be hard with LegendTales Bippity Boppity Boo already in the top spot for Pixie-Bob kitten, the #2 All-breed kitten in the northwest and the 16th best All-breed kitten in the world as of 7/20/14!

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