About LegendTales Pixie Bobs

LegendTales’ Socialization Team

LegendTales cattery is located in Lynnwood, Washington. We are a TICA Outstanding Cattery and are involved in the Voluntary Responsible breeder Program. We have an open door policy and encourage you to come visit any time! Our cats live in our home and are raised underfoot and overhead. We love to show off our cats and are very proud of them. The mom’s love to show off their kittens, often bringing them over for visitors to see.

Our kittens are delivered next to our bed and are raised in a bedroom that is designed just for young kittens. They live in the nursery until they are vaccinated and old enough to join the rest of the household. They are handled and played with constantly so that they look forward to human companionship. Our work at a Veterinary Hospital allows us to take moms with us to deliver, and kittens along for socialization. Our goal is to raise kittens that are healthy and well socialized so that when they join your household they will walk in as if they own the place and will provide you with years of love and entertainment. We actively show and campaign our cats – our kittens look forward to the handling and traveling that goes along with showing.

We spay and neuter all kittens leaving our home. We do not and will not sell breeder cats to the general public. If the kitten is not going to be used in our program it will be placed in a pet home regardless of the quality, be it pet or top show cat. Our cats are our kids and our focus is on providing the best we can for each cat. Each of our females will have only 2-3 litters before retiring to the best homes we can find. The males spend one year breeding before retiring. This allows them to contribute to the Pixie-Bob program and still have a long and happy life as an altered pet.

They say that Pixie-Bobs are the dog of the cat world – we say that ours are the Golden Retriever of the cat world! Our cats love to play fetch, walk on leashes and some even know “roll over”. We have a young dog (who weighs in at 130 pounds) to teach the pixies how a cat should act. They love to ride around on his back and chase his long tail!

Another fun Pixie trait is that they love to travel. My first Pixie-Bob, Tellie, traveled ten hours a week for two years with me and couldn’t get enough. They love to hang out on the back seat and watch the scenery – it is a special treat when the windshield wipers come on!!

We strongly suggest that you visit any cattery before purchasing a kitten and you are welcome to visit our home any time. If we do not currently have the kitten you are looking for we can refer you to another TICA Outstanding Cattery.